About Me

Hi there! I’m Sharon J. Yi. I’m a writer living in LA and have spent a formidable chunk of my adult life in the wild streets of La Crescenta. (I’m totally joking, there’s nothing “wild” about my small, provincial town where the bars close at 10.) K-Town has been my comfort zone for years and a familiar haven to retreat to when the American life became unwieldy. But recently, our neighborhood has been “infiltrated” of some sorts by foreigners — that is non-Koreans. It began with other Asian ethnicities taking part in the booming nightlife that K-Town has to offer, but slowly the Korean culture became an American fad, like eating at food trucks or wearing colored skinny jeans on Sunset. Now it’s cool to eat Korean BBQ and drink soju at Korean bars, and even try out a Korean spa; popular K-Town eateries and underground bars are flooded with non-Koreans — and I embrace it.

I got the idea for this blog when I went to Wi Spa on Wilshire Blvd. It was surprising to realize that my friend and I were the minority at the ultra-Korean establishment. White women with their 5-month-old babies were unabashedly scrubbing themselves with Korean exfoliating mitts — naked, as if they’ve been doing this all their lives. I realized that our K-Town is now not just the Koreans’ connection to their roots, but a place where fellow Americans can come and enjoy the bounty that our culture has to offer. So I introduce to you this blog, an introspective guide to the truly wild streets of Los Angeles’ Koreatown. Enjoy.


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